Wednesday, 20 January 2021

These Essential Pointers Shall Guide You Towards A Faster Recovery From Spine Surgery.


There are a few items for the patient to take along for smoother surgery preparation. At times, it is relatively easy to miss out on these, and hence it is always best to start with a checklist so that everything is covered. Whether at the hospital or home, slip-on shoes are an excellent luxury for putting on as footwear. Post-surgery, a spine surgeon in India suggests that the patient should move around a bit, and these shoes are the best option to get going with minimal stress to the back. Bending down and pulling the shoes on, tying the laces are some of the most stressful things that would frustrate a person who just underwent spine surgery.

The First Steps To Post Surgery Recovery 

Staying hydrated Is the first step towards a smooth recovery. Owing to the heavy medication that one has to follow, drinking water is the best way to keep body chemicals in balance. Carrying a sports water bottle would be most helpful as it helps in drinking water without sitting up every time. It eliminates the risk of spilling water all over the body as well. The squirt top bottles are most sought after as they assist in drinking water while lying down or reclining. The entire body system undergoes changes brought by medication and surgery. Hence, it is vital to add stool softeners so that post-surgery constipation may be avoided or treated. Over the counter laxatives, apple cider, prune juice are to be added to the diet. This has to be discussed with the medical practitioner so that it does not interfere with other medication.

Toiletries To Consider

   One of the best spine surgeon in India suggests that adding a few items to the hospital bag will help. Moisturizers and lip balms should help with adapting to the dry and uncomfortable atmosphere within a hospital. A saline nasal spray also helps in keeping the nasal cavity from drying. While making the checklist, it is essential to include the essential commodities of daily use such as body soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. For the first few days after surgery, the chances of getting a full-body bath will be close to nil. Hence it is advisable to carry body wipes. A hand sanitizer will be most useful as it helps prevent moving out of the bed to wash hands.

Do Remember To Carry These As Well

    In case of more extended hospitalization, do carry an extra pair of socks to keep the feet warm. Most hospital air conditioners setting is at a lower temperature, and hence it is essential to have warm clothes and material to help. Carrying a pack of foot cream, ear plugs, ice packs, heating pads, back scratcher and extra pillows will be useful for a comfortable hospital stay.

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Monday, 18 May 2020

Neurological Disorders Treated With Perfection

With the rise in diseases such as diabetes, cardiac ailments, as well as road accidents, the number of neurological disorders reported has drastically increased over the years. Majority of these conditions are curable if attended at the correct time and treated by a right physician. A professional neurosurgeon in Chennai is the best answer for all questions related to Neurological disorders. With their unmatched expertise, years of professional know-how and extensive post-treatment care, the road to recovery can be taken fast and with least difficulty.

Neurological Disorders That Need Immediate Tending

Among the different neurological conditions, there are a few of them that need to be checked and resolved at the earliest to prevent issues from escalating. A brain aneurysm is one of the issues that need to be sorted with utmost urgency because it could be fatal otherwise. An aneurysm is a swelling in the blood vessels inside the brain. If untreated, it may become larger until it ruptures within the brain and may have dire consequences such as subarachnoid haemorrhage. 

Brain aneurysms are not a neurological disorder that one has from birth. Factors such as a family history of brain aneurysms, smoking or high blood pressure are often the causatives. This condition, when occurs, is characterized by a brain-splitting headache, the worst a person has experienced in their life. Often it is accompanied by a stiff neck, nausea or vomiting and may lead to unconsciousness. Ruptured aneurysms need to be fixed to prevent further bleeding. Unruptured aneurysms could be treated to avoid rupturing in the future. Endovascular treatments are followed, such as clipping and coiling the aneurysm. In case of severe cases, pipeline embolization surgery is suggested. Traditional surgery is the last resort in rare cases. 

Chronic Conditions- Their Diagnosis, Treatment And Recovery

There is a lot of research and development in treatments regarding brain tumours globally. Tumours are an abnormal growth of cells, and when this occurs in the brain, it is referred to as a brain tumour. The experienced hands of an expert neurosurgeon in Chennai can help in treating tumours efficiently.  They diagnose to find the cause of tumour and pinpoint the treatment with precision not to damage any brain tissues. CT Scans, MRIs and Biopsies are used to diagnose the extent and purpose of tumours. Advanced chemotherapy treatments, radiation therapies and surgeries with the highest accuracies ensure this goal. The symptoms of brain tumours vary from as common as headaches and depression to seizures and memory loss and as extreme as personality changes and mood swings. 

Neurological Disorders That Hamper Life

Uncontrolled, abnormal brain activity that affects the way of life in epilepsy. It is characterized by seizures that often occur repeatedly. Treatment is carried out after a panel of epilepsy specialists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and other specialists decide collaboratively. This approach ensures that the method adopted suits the patient appropriately.

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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Spinal Conditions Due To Abnormal Spinal Curvature

Spine or spinal cord is an essential part of the body. It helps in offering support to the entire body. Flexibility and stability of the body can be achieved with a healthy spine. Abnormal curvature of the spine disrupts the normal functioning of the spine. A healthy spine includes concave and convex curvatures. Extreme curvatures can result in pain on the spine. This is called abnormal spinal curvature. It results in certain painful spinal conditions. The following are some of the spinal conditions that are caused due to abnormal spinal curvature. 

Kyphosis- Elderly People

This is an abnormal spinal condition which occurs when the thoracic spine experiences an outward curvature. This is common among older people. This can result in the loss of balance of the body. This condition also causes increased pressure on the thoracic vertebrae. This can cause discomfort in the normal range of motion. Poor posture habit is the main reason for this abnormal spinal curvature. 

Lordosis- Dancers

This spinal condition is caused due to the curvature that takes place in the lumbar spine. This causes back pain and muscle spasms. Dancers usually experience this type of spinal abnormality. People who do not lift the weight the right way also suffer from this spinal condition. People with uneven muscles between the abdomen and lower back would mostly suffer from lordosis. Tight hip flexors and weak hamstrings also result in lordosis. 

Scoliosis-All Ages

This is an abnormal spinal condition that causes a spinal curve in the frontal plane. This condition is prevalent in people of all ages. Uneven muscles on the sides of the spine, uneven hips are the main reason for this type of abnormal spinal curvature. It can also result in a neuromuscular condition called spina bifida. Scoliosis must be treated at an early stage as there are chances for the damage of internal organs as it creates pressure on the ribs. 


There are several procedures followed to treat the above abnormal spinal conditions. Chiropractic therapy and physical therapy are the primary treatments offered to treat misalignment in the spine. It is said that chiropractic therapy can reverse the conditions of an abnormal spinal curvature. If the spinal curvature exceeds 50 degrees of the normal range, then surgery would be required. Simple stretches and exercises are also recommended as part of the treatment of this spinal problem. 

The above are the common spinal conditions that occur due to abnormal spinal curvature. 

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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Things To Know About Back and Neck Pain

Most of the people suffer from back and neck pain. These pain may result in discomfort and can affect the normal functioning of a person. It may also result in mobility issues. Some may experience slight pain and some experience intense pain. You may require medical help when the back and neck pain persists for a longer time. Chronic back and neck pain requires continuous medical treatment. The following are some of the common causes, symptoms and treatments of back and neck pain. 

Common Causes

It is not easy to figure out the exact reason for back and neck pain. Different causes result in back and neck pain. Involving in heavy work, playing sports, heavy lifting can be the main reason for the pain developed in the back and neck. People who experience injury or trauma may also develop back and neck pain. Obesity is also one of the significant causes of back and neck pain as it increases pressure on the spine. Osteoporosis can also lead to neck and back pain, mainly in women. 


The following are some of the symptoms that you might experience when facing a neck and back pain. 

Back Pain Symptoms:
  • You may experience sharp or dull pain in a single point or a large area in the back. 
  • Numbness in the leg is a common symptom of back pain. 
  • You may feel stiffness in your spine area.
  • Persistent pain in the lower region of the back when standing for a more extended period. 
Neck Pain Symptoms:
  • Numbness in arms
  • Headache
  • Shoulder pain

Diagnosis Of Back and Neck Pain

Make sure to visit your health care provider when you experience persistent symptoms of back and neck pain. An X-ray or an MRI of the affected area can help to know about the actual cause of the pain. Your doctor may also suggest a blood test for diagnosing conditions like arthritis.


An acute back and neck pain which is dull can be treated easily with some ample rest. Pain-relieving drugs like ibuprofen, acetaminophen can help to relieve the pain. Chronic pain can be treated with some simple remedies like hot and cold packs, massage therapy and simple stretches. You may also require regular medical treatments, physical therapies and even surgery when the pain is unbearable. 

Tips To Prevent Neck and Back Pain

The following tips would help to prevent neck and back pain. 
  • Follow proper sitting and standing posture.
  • They must make use of the right lifting technique when lifting heavy objects.
  • Practicing regular exercise can help to keep the body fit.
  • Reduce weight to avoid obesity.
  • Reduce stress and tension
The above are the causes, symptoms and treatment for neck and back pain. 

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